Thanks to all contributors for 12,150 Euros!

On September 13th, 2013 we handed over the cheque to the "Kinderkrebshilfe Berchtesgadener Land und Traunstein e.V." (Children's Cancer Aid).
On the photo (f.l.t.r.): Christian Janßen, Rosmarie Baumgartner, Lore Haider, Tobias-Lars Höher.

Our story

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Kinderkrebshilfe Berchtesgadener Land und Traunstein e.V.
Learn more about the Kinderkrebshilfe Berchtesgadener Land und Traunstein e.V.

What is it about?

We march - You support us!
We (Tobias Höher and Christian Janßen) are going to participate in the Dodentocht which takes place on August 9th, 2013 around the city of Bornem in Belgium. The Dodentocht is a 100 km hike which has to be finished by foot in minimum 10 and maximum 24 hours.
100 km or 24 hours can get very long, and we will have definitely our lows. So we decided to find as many supporters as possible, who are willing to donate a pre-determined amount of money for every commenced kilometer. These donations will go 100 % to the Kinderkrebshilfe Berchtesgadener Land und Traunstein e.V. (Childern's Cancer Aid), an incorporated society with a lot of voluntary helpers. They are giving advise, help and financial support not only to children having cancer but also to children and teenagers whose parents suffer from cancer or already died as a result of cancer.
Finish the 100 km!
The Dodentocht isn't about runtime or rankings though the fastest participants finish well under 10 hours. It's the Olympic idea which makes us participating. The 100 km will be very demanding and we are still not sure if we will be able to finish at all. Nevertheless we will give our best and try to finish, motivated by lots of supporters!
Have fun!
Though "marching 100 km" doesn't sound like fun at all, you have to have fun to survive this great challenge.

Our main sponsors

DARC Ortsverband Traunstein - C16

Who are we?

Tobias Höher

Tobias Höher

Born in 1977 in Mannheim and raised in Teisendorf. Now living in Waging. My wife Claudia and I are very proud of our sons Tim (10) and Jonas (5). I am working for Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik in Fridolfing since 2000, currently as product manager. Additionally working as a cleaner and in my own Electrical Trade. Since 2010 I do sports again more regularly, mainly running and Judo (TSV Waging and BzLg Traunreut). This year I will participate in the Dodentocht for the first time.

Christian Janßen (DL1MGB)

Born in 1976. Married. Working for Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik in Fridolfing since 2008, currently as field application engineer. Main hobby: Amateur Radio. Mainly sitting in front of the radio or computer when not doing antenna work or not on expedition. 2012 was my first Dodentocht. Had to quit after 49.46 km. I am not a Haile Gebrselassie, but highly motivated.

Christian Janßen

Individually strong, together unbeatable!